Liposuction: To do or not to do?!

You may have been checking your body out, more critically, to assess the folds you’ve acquired over time; and the love-handles or muffin-tops that grew to accommodate your unwanted fat. You are craving a smooth, fold-free silhouette with a snatched waist to accentuate your bust and hips. You know that there are several ways to achieve your desired body goals and you haven’t decided on which method would suit you. Liposuction is a safe and reliable way to achieve a body that you need.

Asides living a healthy lifestyle that entails good diet and exercises, there are several methods to remove unwanted and undesirable fat from your tummy, arms, waist, back and thighs. These methods can be surgical or non-surgical. Non-surgical methods require time and dedication and the results take time to achieve. They include cryolipolysis (cool sculpting), laser lipolysis, ultrasonic cavitation and radio-frequency therapy. These methods require multiple sessions and must be used with a healthy lifestyle.

However, surgical procedure that remove fat focuses on the unwanted fat and takes a few hours to see the desired results and this fat can be transferred to augment other parts like the breasts or butt to achieve a perkier and youthful shape (Butt lift and Breast Augmentation). Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes fat (lipo) by use of a negative pressure (suction). It is the most common cosmetic procedure done in Nigeria.

Why would you want to have a liposuction?

There are so many reasons why you’d consider having a liposuction, but the commonest is a fast, safe and reliable way to achieve your desired body. Asides this, lots of men and women seek lipo for some of the following reasons:

  • To get rid of mummy fat and folds accumulated during pregnancy and child-rearing.
  • To have a slimmer physique to boost your confidence.
  • To have an attractive shape to fit your modeling or marketing job and be competitive.
  • To fit into your career uniform and look amazing.
  • To have no restrictions on what you desire to wear anytime and anywhere.
  • To maintain your sexuality and sexual confidence with your spouse.
  • To have a body that matches your inner glow and confidence.

Are you ideal for liposuction?

The ideal client for liposuction is a healthy individual, that has been fully evaluated by his/her surgeon and, a thorough medical history and tests have been done. Patients with hypertension, asthma or diabetes can have the procedure if their conditions are well controlled and they have a clean bill of health from their physicians. The ideal candidate must have a body mass index (BMI) of less than 40kg/m2. Larger clients must lose weight before the procedure to reduce the risks of complications and unwanted events. Men and women can have liposuction done.

What are the goals of liposuction?

Liposuction is done to remove difficult to burn fat from the body. These fats usually accumulate due to unhealthy dietary intake or pregnancy and cause an undesirable body shape. Some ladies can have huge fat accumulation in their tummies that people mistaken them for pregnant ladies. Liposuction will remove fat from neck, arms, tummy, back and thighs.

  • It will help to snatch the waistline and accentuate the hips.
  • It will give a smoother and less flabby arms
  • It will also achieve a sexy thigh gap.
  • It will remove bra folds and love handles
  • It can be used to reduce man boobs.
  • It will also flatten a double chin and give a youthful jawline.

How is Liposuction done?

The procedure is done under anesthesia which can be general anesthesia (you are put to sleep) or regional anesthesia (the treatment part is numbed and you are awake). The choice of anesthesia is made based on the areas to be treated and other factors that will be considered. The procedure is done under strict surgical sterility in a surgical theater to prevent infection. Liposuction targets only excess fat under the skin and as much as 8-10 liters of fat can be safely taken out in large clients per procedure. Clients that want more fat taken out would have to do multiple procedures. Tiny incisions (holes) are made in the skin to allow the cannulas used, to suck out the fat. These incisions are usually hidden and difficult to find after they heal. The surgical time for liposuction ranges from 4-6 hours depending on patient size and areas treated.

After the process, a faja (post-surgical compression garment) is applied and must be worn for 12 weeks post procedure. The faja allows the skin to contract and permits quick healing. Good compliance with the faja ensures amazing results. Admission for liposuction is usually for a day or two and home care instructions must be followed. The post-operative pain is considered average and it controlled with good painkillers. It is essential to have postoperative massages to aid the healing and reduce tissue swelling.

Are there side-effects to liposuction?

Side effects are not common during or after liposuction, but once the fat is removed and the healing has occurred, there are no side effects to liposuction. However, there are complications that can occur during and after the procedure. Liposuction is like any other major surgical procedure and it can have complications like anesthetic complication, bleeding, infection, fluid accumulation, abnormal sensation, uneven fat removal and poor skin elasticity. These complications are prevented when you are thoroughly assessed before surgery and you are working with a qualified surgical team.

What’s the cost of a liposuction?

The cost of liposuction depends on the patient’s size and the areas to be treated. Thus, the cost is tailored to your needs. However, costs can be as low as ₦600,000:00 for arm lipo, to above ₦1,300,000:00 for massive liposuction in Kano. Kindly contact us via our contact page to book an appointment.

Liposuction is a safe procedure that will give you that body you desire!