Tips on Traveling for Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery is not available in every state in Nigeria and you may need to travel to another state to have your procedure done. Travelling across state-lines, to have cosmetic surgery, requires planning to prevent frustration and agony. These are tips that will assist you prepare for the experience.

  1. Have your consultation well ahead of the proposed surgery time. This can be done physically or online (to save cost of travel). Online consultations usually require taking clear pictures and using video-calls to see and discuss with the surgeon. All questions and issues must be answered during this meet.
  2. Do your required tests or investigations before you travel and share the results with your surgeon so that he can assess your fitness for the procedure before you commit to the trip.
  3. Travel with a responsible adult that understands you and that take good care of you in the post-operative periods. A young fit adult (close family member or friend) that will assist you with toileting and cleaning is important.
  4. Take a leave of absence from work to cover your travel and post-operative periods.
  5. Keep well hydrated before, during and after the procedure. Ensure you drink lots of water on your return trip to help flush medications out of your system.
  6. Bring old loose and comfortable clothing that you would not mind if they get stained with blood or dressing agents.
  7. Pack only essentials as you are not traveling for holiday but surgery. Don’t overburden your accompanying adult with excess luggage.
  8. Travel by air to reduce travel time and book your flights ahead to get bargain flight costs.
  9. Plan your post-operative massages in your area before you travel. Book the appointments and get payments done.
  10. Find a good seamstress to adjust your garment before you travel, so when you return you can make the adjustments to your faja to fit your new body.
  11. While waiting for your flight (especially, your return flight) walk around the check-in area and be very mobile. Ensure you travel with your TED Stockings to prevent DVT.
  12. Use your faja and BBL pillows to ensure you maintain your post-op results. The BBL pillows can be used on the aircraft.
  13. Use your medications and follow all instructions given by your surgeon.
  14. Be in contact with your surgeon and you maybe referred to another doctor close to you for care. Plan a follow up visit to see your surgeon to assess the results.

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