The Cost of Cosmetic Surgery in Nigeria; what is it?

Cosmetic surgeries are arduous procedures that should be done only by a qualified plastic surgeon that has gone through rigorous training and evaluations to ascertain that he/she is safe and well knowledgeable. These procedures vary and their costs also vary, but in general there are things that add up to give you a cost of your procedure.

  • Surgical fee: this is the cost that the surgeon charges for his service, his skills and time spent performing the procedure. Hence, the more technical the procedure the more the cost; and the longer the duration of the procedure, the more the cost.
  • Equipment fee: some procedures require the use of special equipment and this is factored in the cost. This equipment can be a liposuction machine, a LASER machine, C-ARM, a surgical microscope or a combination of equipment. The cost to procure the equipment usually affects the cost charged to use the equipment.
  • Anesthesia fee: almost all surgical procedures will require the presence of an anesthetist (specialist who ensures a pain-free and safe surgical event) that will use medications, equipment and skill. This is also charged to the bill for the procedure.
  • Perioperative and material charges: these include the staff and material used to ensure the process goes seamlessly. Surgeons don’t work alone; they work with a team to ensure patient safety and ease of the procedures. These staff is adequately enumerated per procedure. The materials also consumed during the procedure are included in the cost of the procedure.
  • Facility fee: this is the fee incurred from the use of the facility (the hospital or clinic) to perform the procedure. The admission, power, water and other amenities provided to enable smooth surgery cost money and re charged to the patient. The location of the facility can affect the cost incurred, e.g., the facility fee in Kano will be more affordable than a facility on Banana Island or Abuja. At Adunni Health Services, this reduction is directly given to the patient and that results in a more affordable surgical fee.
  • Drugs and Medications cost: this cost is required to purchase antibiotics, analgesics and other types of drugs needed. Quality non-generic drugs cost more than a penny and help to prevent postoperative complaints and complications.
  • Postoperative care cost: some surgical procedures need keen monitoring before discharge from the facility and this postoperative care incurs costs that are added to the surgical bill.

After summing all these fees a surgical fee is reached and discussed with the patient. Because no two clients are the same, the costs of plastic surgery are usually tailored to the patient’s requirements and the procedures to be done.

At Adunni Health Services, the average costs of popular cosmetic procedures are presented

  • 360o Liposuction starts from ₦850,000:00 ($2,300)
  • Brazilian Butt lift starts from ₦950,000:00 ($2,500)
  • Tummy-tuck starts from ₦1,200,000:00 ($3,200)
  • Arm lifts or thigh lift alone starts from ₦600,000:00 ($1,600)
  • Vaginoplasty starts from ₦250,000:00 ($1,000)
  • Breast augmentation with implants starts from ₦900,000:00 ($2,300)
  • Breast lift starts from ₦650,000:00 ($3,100)

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