Essential Care after Liposuction and BBL: A Client’s Point of View

Liposuction and BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) is a surgical procedure that removes fat from unwanted areas (usually the tummy, waist, back, arms and thighs) and some of this fat is processed and transferred to correct hip dips and make the butt bigger. I wanted the procedure to improve my hip dips and get rid of unwanted tummy and arm fat. It seemed like a stroll in the park as I surfed before and after pictures; and all I wanted was the after pictures. Thankfully, my surgeon was quite extensive in explaining the post-op healing, requirements and needs, though not exhaustively. I decided to pen this down after 8 weeks of having my procedure and I am sure that you will benefit from this tips that will prepare you for your procedure to achieve a gorgeous body.


  1. FAJAS: Get two (2) Fajas. It is very important to have an additional garment aside from that provided by the surgeon. Please make sure that the fajas are not compressing your butt and hip area, the fabric of the faja should be of light fabric around these 2 areas.
  2. ANTI-BACTERIAL WIPES: For wiping surfaces and your hands. Wash your hands as often as you can. Surfaces and hands are sources of infection that can cause catastrophic events. Do your part to prevent them.
  3. TAMPONS: I strongly recommended tampons for your menstrual period during BBL as sanitary pads can be very messy.
  4. PANT LINERS: The Faja has an opening in the crotch area. Some of the faja designs for the crotch come with zipping/flap or plain opening. For additional comfort, wear cotton pants on your faja and use a pant liner. It helps reduce friction, absorbs vaginal discharge and it is more hygienic as the pant liners can be changed as often as possible during the day/night.
  5. COTTON PANTS: use cotton pants that breathe and allow aeration of your privates. They also absorb moisture and prevent odor. Use them with pant liners.
  6. FACE TOWEL: After post-op, you might not be able to take a full shower until all your incisions are closed/stitches removed (if any). The timing for this can range from 10 days-14 days post-op. During this period, you would have to use towelettes to clean your body. Towels soaked in warm water and antiseptic solutions are recommended to wipe your whole body head to toe. Please when it is time to have a full shower, please avoid HOT WATER. LUKEWARM/WARM or COLD WATER is HIGHLY recommended as they give a soothing and relaxing feel.


  1. COTTON CAMISOLE: After 2 weeks post-op, you might feel the need to wear a camisole before wearing your compression garment on it. It Helps absorbs humidity and reduces the itchy feeling that comes with sweating. Please buy dark colours. Please avoid buying ribbed textured camisoles and don’t forget to make sure it is cotton fabric.
  2. LOOSE CLOTHING: Tight denim clothing should be avoided at least till 3 months post-procedure. Get loose gowns for your immediate post-operative periods.
  3. COMPRESSION STOCKINGS: these will be worn for you from the surgery and should be on you till you are moving about well. They also help to prevent feet swelling.
  4. WARM SOCKS & BLANKETS: These will keep you warm and comfy. Wash them regularly too.

Comfort and Support

  1. BACK SCRATCHER: You might experience mild itching at some point, it is very important as your hands might not be able to get to the center of your back and other places.
  2. IV SUPPLEMENTS: After BBL, the cells, tissues, nerves and the whole system has to recover, refresh your body system, and increase recovery speed. It is HIGHLY recommended to include this in your budget. The surgeon and the Esthetician will assist in tailoring the supplements to your needs
  3. LIPO FOAMS/PADS: Your compression garments can leave lines and marks on your skin, Lipo foams help to stop that from happening as it has a smooth texture. Please layer them in this pattern camisole—-lipo foams—– compression garments—-waist trainer(FROM WEEK 8, Please speak with your doctor before starting)
  4. URINAL: For easing peeing. After surgery, you might experience trouble urinating. This funnel-shaped urinal would help you urinate while standing without making a mess. If you don’t find it easily, purchase a regular medium-sized soft funnel solely dedicated to this purpose.
  5. POWER BANKS/EXTRA CHARGERS/SOCKETS: these will provide constant power to your phone and other devices that will help distract you from pain and also be a form of communication with your surgeon, therapist and support group.
  6. EXTRA MONEY: in case of any complications or emergencies, extra cash will help sort the issue out faster. Discuss this need with your surgeon.
  7. PAIN RELIEF/INFLAMMATION DRUGS: The surgeon will provide some immediately after surgery. For subsequent use, a prescription will be given to you for your purchase. Some of the drugs can make you drowsy, please don’t drive while using these meds and don’t combine with alcohol. Also, use your antibiotics and other medications given to aid healing and reduce swelling.
  8. SUPPORT SYSTEM: Please have a working support system for your post-op. Recovery can be slow, have people around you that can help you out and cheer you up.


  1. FLUIDS: Take plenty water and not drinks or juices. Water will help flush out the meds used during anesthesia. Drink enough water to make your urine clear.
  2. FIBER INTAKE: Please it is important to eat clean after surgery. Avoid processed food/sugar. It is important to feed your fat at this time. No alcohol, smoking, drinking of carbonated drinks. Asides from getting the IV supplements, eat foods like avocadoes, bananas, fish, fruits and a lot of vegetables.
  3. LOW SALT: ensure low salt diet as salt causes fluid retention. A diet low in salt will help resolve post-op swelling faster.
  4. RED HIBISCUS (ZOBO): If you can afford to keep this close by, please do. Asides from the health benefits, it will help you with constipation, most women experience this after surgery. If there is none available, the surgeon would give you give you a prescription for stool softener.


  1. NECK PILLOW: The neck pillow described is the pillow used for flight travels, for comfort when sitting, it is suggested that you have one to help reduce the tension on your neck area.
  2. MASSAGE OIL/GEL: While getting professional Lymphatic drain massage, there are days that you would have to self-massage (Your massage therapist will show you how to do this).
  3. BBL PILLOW: Ensure you use it appropriately and all the time to help the fat cells in your butt survive. This will ensure a permanent result.
  4. SILICONE SCAR GEL: For scar reduction, the surgeon would recommend one for you to help your scars fade.
  5. BBL BEDS: Although this is currently not available in Nigeria, sleeping after BBL is quite uncomfortable, this inflatable bed was made with BBL recovery in mind, if you can afford to splurge, please purchase it.

Patience & Positive attitude

Half of the BBL result is achieved in the theatre by the team; the other half is controlled by you. After post-op, it is advised not to sit on your butt and not to lose weight drastically. The result you see immediately after post-op is not your final result. Your final result can be seen at 6 months post-op. From the 1st day after surgery to the 6months benchmark, your body will go through changes, some days you will love your results, other days, you might not be pleased, please be patient with yourself. Please be aware that you might require multiple rounds to achieve your desired goals.

Please bear in mind that most times, the first round of a BBL surgery is to set a good foundation, other rounds are for perfection and to reach the goals that were not possible during the 1st round. The surgeon and his team will be with you every step of the way to provide the support needed.


This article was written by Amara